Saturday, 11 July 2009

CJ Motors, 2566 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley (between Blake and Parker)

Certainly one of the more unusual venues in Berkeley. CJ Motors was, at the time, an English Ford dealership owned by CJ Felt and Sales Manager John Bolander. Bolander raced Lotus Cortinas in his spare time. Little is known about how CJ motors came to host a number of somewhat diverse shows between December 1965 and April 1966, but there you have it.

02 December 1965: New Brothers
14 January 1966: Jazz Mice, Jeanne Lee, Congress of Wonders, Ned's Mob
10 February 1966: Saint James Five, Loading Zone
17 February 1966: Port Said Band
24 February 1966: Gigi's Port Said Band with Exotic Dancers, Mike Thatcher Trio
24 March 1966: Loiellet Chamber Ensemble, Ron Chinn
26 March 1966: Loiellet Chamber Ensemble, Ron Chinn, Michael O'Rourke
14 April 1966: Laney College Chorus

The 2566 Tele location is now a co-operative run Works Dance and Exercise Studio.

It would be great if someone could shed some light on this whole matter.

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  1. CJ's daughtger Pam Felt lives in Washington State currently. I do not have any more inf than that.