Saturday, 12 September 2009

April 19, 1967: 101 California Hall, UCB

Most Berkeley academic buildings had a large lecture hall, and 101 California was the lecture hall for this building. It seated about 400 and April 19, 1967 saw the Friends of Mingus present The Orkustra at 101 California Hall. The Friends of Mingus appear to be as elusive as other shows at 101 Cal.

The Orkustra were of course much better known. The story of The Orkustra, the Magick Powehouse of Oz and Light Shows for the Blind are told by Bobby BeauSoleil. Raymond Dumond of RD Records released Light Shows for the Blind as a beautifully packaged vinyl - and I thoroughly recommend it. So, any information about other shows at 101 Cal Hall, Berkeley - not to be confused with the California Hall over the bridge on Polk and Turk - would be appreciated.

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