Thursday, 13 May 2010

Rag, Maybe…… Jon Lundberg

Due to time constraints, I have taken to publishing other folks work and hoping nobody notices. The following piece is from the January 7, 1966 (Vol 2 No 1) issue of the Berkeley Barb, and was written by Jon Lundberg, the purveyor of fine fretted instruments.

This week on the Berkeley scene we had John Fahey, Joe McDonald, Robbie Basho and others at the ‘Wock; the New Brothers, Clarence Van Hook, the Friendly Strangers with Sandy Rothman et al at the Questing Beast; and CJ Motors featuring Ian Underwood’s Jazz Mice, Jeanne Lee, the Congress of Wonders and Ned’s Mob.

Lundberg’s piece was submitted to seemingly soften the blow of Rag Baby being late on the streets. The issue in question eventually made it out but sadly ended up to be the last paper publication.

Shiftless Publishing Company (Shifpubco) of Berkeley announced today its plans for a forthcoming series of mags, baby. These latest efforts in What's Happening Journalism will be titled @ and specialized as follows:

Stag Baby - Local happenings of interest to bachelors, with some hunting features.
Nag Baby - For young marrieds.
Fag Baby - Gay nite life in the Bay Area.
Shag Baby - The comings and goings of John Paul, where to reach him at which hours of the day, schedule of Nevada trips. $5 the copy.
Drag Baby - Schedule of dull concerts, lectures, parties, etc. What's happening In Ohaha. Keep cool.
Bag Baby - Brown paper and a, new unusual format. Editorial content will be secondary to volumetric capacity. And a stakes flavor! For 25c you can get the one we're in. (or the one YOU'RE in.)

The possibilities are endless, but so, apparently, is the patience of the reading public. Publication date for the above was originally set for 15 January, but we hit a snag, baby. We had intended to use the services of the Free Press, but word has reached us just today that this organization is not only not free, but may have NO PRESS! (Each and every copy is hand lettered in Hong Kong and flown in.) This would cause an additional delay of nearly two weeks, and as our editing and layout (and ad sales) time has run into more than we had anticipated, it's not likely we'll be on the streets before summer.

In addition to the above we have projected plans tor the publication of a completely new (Vol 1 No 3) Folk scene magazine to appear sometime after the others, perhaps late next fall, and to be called RAG BABY! Watch your news stands for this one. And keep an eye peeled for the Second Coming of Christ, too.

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  1. Jon Lundberg, 76, died in Roseville, CA, on July 6, 2011...details unknown as yet.