Monday, 27 December 2010

UFO Leads Diggers to Be-In Site

Berkeley Barb: April 1967

The Digger Be-In, begun last weekend with modest success is still, in progress, and has taken-on a new twist.

Three nature-loving Diggers have staked a claim to an abandoned mine in Malakoff State Park and, according to park authorities, “are in no violation of the law”.

The trio, who have billed themselves as an advance party of a vanguard of thousands of disenchanted city hippies, has set up camp inside the cave and has been living among me trees for more than a week.

The choice of Malakoff Diggings as a Be-In site, one Digger head told a radio station, was the result of the trio's “encounter with a UFO earlier this month”.

The three were driving from Nevada City when they sighted the object.

The bright oval hovered over their car for a few moments then began cruising in the direction of the park. They followed and it very soon disappeared - over a nearby hill. When-the three reached the crest of the hill, they claimed, they found a burned out circle of grass about 200 feet in diameter, with glowing rocks on the ground nearby. The rocks were later analyzed at a UC lab as containing a high degree of radiation. They regard the incident as “a message” a Digger stated.

New tribes will be gathering at the Free Store, 901 Cole, next Wednesday from 7 to lOam, to join those already at the diggings.

The campsite, is located 160 miles north off Highway 99, about twenty .minutes out of Nevada City.

Diggers urge - that those equipped the leave as soon as possible.More information and road of maps of Mars can be obtained at the Free Store

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