Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Berkeley Folk Festival - 1968


  1. Ironically enough, 1968 shows a swing back towards more traditional folk music. Up through 1967, a lot of bands (like Country Joe and The Fish) still saw themselves as "Folk-Rock," but that distinction seemed out of date by 1968, when Psychedelia and acid-rock were big business.

    In Berkeley, at least, the Freight and Salvage was just a-borning, and would open later in the month (July 24, 1968). I note that many of the artists who were regulars at the first few months of the Freight were all at the Berkeley Folk Festival. Most of the same suspects had been at the 35th (1st) Annual Fiddle Festival at Provo Park in June as well.

  2. A good catch about the F&S - and I think if we delve in to the early dealings of the Jabberwock we will see the performers also including visitors to the folk festival. Unless tied to a scheduled performance in Berkeley, it is of course probably how Bob Dylan showed up at the Jabberwock. Ross