Saturday, 23 February 2013


Being an extract from our database, dates are in the format yyyy-mm-dd
Saturday 19630223 - Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley: A blues trio featuring clarinettist Frank "Big Boy" Goudie, Dick Oxtot on bass and Ken Ellis on guitar
Saturday 19630223 - Florence Schwimly Little Theatre, Berkeley: Billy Faier
Wednesday 19660223 - Questing Beast, Berkeley: Malecot, Jim Lynch
Wednesday 19660223 - Cedar Alley Coffee House, San Francisco: Spontaneous Sound (gongs, timpani, bells, cymbals, chimes and flute)                                                                                                
Wednesday 19660223 – Jabberwock, Berkeley: The Singers' Circle with Barry Olivier 
Thursday 19670223 – Matrix, San Francisco: Blues Project  
Thursday 19670223 - Dragon A Go Go, Francisco: Dobie Gray
Thursday 19670223 - New Orleans House, Berkeley: Notes From The Underground
Thursday 19670223 - Whisky A Go Go, San Francisco: Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Wildflower
Thursday 19670223 – Jabberwock, Berkeley: Rosalie Sorrels
Thursday 19670223 - Wayne Manor, Sunnyvale: The Persuaders with Joanne Vent
Friday 19680223 - New Orleans House, Berkeley: Blues Project, Maze (with The Great Northwest Phantasmagoria Light Show)
Friday 19680223 - Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco: Buddy Guy, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Son House                      
Friday 19680223 – Steppenwolf, Berkeley: Dancing with Hermine  
Friday 19680223 - King's Beach Bowl, Lake Tahoe: Grateful Dead, Morning Glory 

Friday 19680223 - Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles: Jefferson Airplane, Charlie Musselwhite, The Ceyleib People, Clear Light
Friday 19680223 – Poppycock, Palo Alto: The Charlatans                  
Friday 19680223 – Winterland, San Francisco: Who, Cannonball Adderly, Vagrants,Lights: Headlights
Sunday 19690223 - Fillmore West, San Francisco: Albert King, Sons Of Champlin, Cold Blood, Lights: Little Princess #109
Sunday 19690223 - Committee Theater, San Francisco: Big Time Buck White    
Sunday 19690223 - New Monk, Berkeley: Johnny Sunshine Pipe-Joint Compound
Sunday 19690223 - New Orleans House, Berkeley: Los Flamencos De La Bodega 
Sunday 19690223 - Mandrake's, Berkeley: Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee 
Sunday 19690223 – Steppenwolf, Berkeley: The Magic Theatre