Saturday, 23 February 2013


Being an extract from our database, dates are in the format yyyy-mm-dd
Saturday 19630223 - Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley: A blues trio featuring clarinettist Frank "Big Boy" Goudie, Dick Oxtot on bass and Ken Ellis on guitar
Saturday 19630223 - Florence Schwimly Little Theatre, Berkeley: Billy Faier
Wednesday 19660223 - Questing Beast, Berkeley: Malecot, Jim Lynch
Wednesday 19660223 - Cedar Alley Coffee House, San Francisco: Spontaneous Sound (gongs, timpani, bells, cymbals, chimes and flute)                                                                                                
Wednesday 19660223 – Jabberwock, Berkeley: The Singers' Circle with Barry Olivier 
Thursday 19670223 – Matrix, San Francisco: Blues Project  
Thursday 19670223 - Dragon A Go Go, Francisco: Dobie Gray
Thursday 19670223 - New Orleans House, Berkeley: Notes From The Underground
Thursday 19670223 - Whisky A Go Go, San Francisco: Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Wildflower
Thursday 19670223 – Jabberwock, Berkeley: Rosalie Sorrels
Thursday 19670223 - Wayne Manor, Sunnyvale: The Persuaders with Joanne Vent
Friday 19680223 - New Orleans House, Berkeley: Blues Project, Maze (with The Great Northwest Phantasmagoria Light Show)
Friday 19680223 - Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco: Buddy Guy, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Son House                      
Friday 19680223 – Steppenwolf, Berkeley: Dancing with Hermine  
Friday 19680223 - King's Beach Bowl, Lake Tahoe: Grateful Dead, Morning Glory 

Friday 19680223 - Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles: Jefferson Airplane, Charlie Musselwhite, The Ceyleib People, Clear Light
Friday 19680223 – Poppycock, Palo Alto: The Charlatans                  
Friday 19680223 – Winterland, San Francisco: Who, Cannonball Adderly, Vagrants,Lights: Headlights
Sunday 19690223 - Fillmore West, San Francisco: Albert King, Sons Of Champlin, Cold Blood, Lights: Little Princess #109
Sunday 19690223 - Committee Theater, San Francisco: Big Time Buck White    
Sunday 19690223 - New Monk, Berkeley: Johnny Sunshine Pipe-Joint Compound
Sunday 19690223 - New Orleans House, Berkeley: Los Flamencos De La Bodega 
Sunday 19690223 - Mandrake's, Berkeley: Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee 
Sunday 19690223 – Steppenwolf, Berkeley: The Magic Theatre


  1. Blues Project in both '67 and '68. In '67 (Matrix) still with Al Kooper (I think), and in '68 (NOH) with the lineup that more or less became Seatrain.

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